About Us

Our History

We started in 2009 when we bought our first Labrador (Nina). Because of her, we started getting interested in learning more about the breed and acquiring new dogs to begin our breeding program.

We maintain strict health control and genetic combinations to ensure a high quality of life for our Labradors.

Our dogs are raised with love and care, and we prioritize their well-being.

Through extensive studies, we deepened into various Labrador’s characteristics, such as:

Origin of the Name

The name originated in 2010 when I visited a paradise called BICAME.

It's impossible to describe in words the BICAME WATERFALL.

After a long hike through majestic mountains and untouched nature, the imposing waterfall comes into a view from above. The expectation of its arrival turns challenges into a pleasant adventure. Visitors are mesmerized by the approaching view of the waterfall. Within minutes, the image of the immense pool and its indescribable waterfall with a large volume of water captivates the spirit.

Surely, it’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Bicame Waterfall is located on private property, and for noble reasons, its access, for now, is restricted and requires the owners' authorization.

High-Quality Structure Bicame Labs

High-Quality Structure

Our facility has been designed for the comfort and safety of our dogs and guests.

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Spacious Kennels

Equipped with reinforced double fences to prevent contact between kennels.


Grass Paddocks

Lots of space for dogs to expend energy and socialize.


Lodging Bungalows

Space designed for our guests.



Climate-controlled and equipped spaces for our puppies.

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